00 3/5/2015 10:15 AM
Christian Michael LONGO

A House of Cards

Raised in Ypsilanti Township, Mich., by strict Jehovah's Witness parents, Longo told investigators that he had a happy childhood. Actively involved in his church, he received training at a young age to participate in the door-to-door ministry.

Though he didn't date until his late teens, he was married at 19 to a woman seven years older, Mary Jane Baker, whom he first met in the church parking lot.

Even before the wedding, Longo began to experience money problems when he bought Baker a three-and-a-half carat diamond engagement ring on a payment plan. One month, he didn't have enough money to cover both the rent and the ring payment, so he stole $108 from the camera store where he worked. When the employees were questioned about the missing money, Longo kept quiet.


«Il Mondo non sarà mai abbastanza vasto, né l’Umanità abbastanza forte per essere degni di Colui che li ha creati e vi si è incarnato»
(P. Teilhard de Chardin, La vision du passé, in “Inno dell’universo”, Queriniana, Brescia 1995, p. 76)>>