00 3/23/2008 4:00 PM
Jason e' testimone di Geova come famiglia da tre generazioni ecco il dialogo

jwscientist: how many jws wento to the memorial yesterday?
jwscientist: may be 18 millions
Frank Fedorczak: maybe
Frank Fedorczak: so 3 times jw
Frank Fedorczak: or 2.5 times
jwscientist: yes
jwscientist: they are 7 millions right
Frank Fedorczak: i dont know
jwscientist: it seem steven hassan did not won battle with mormons and jws
jwscientist: they keep existing
jwscientist: right
Frank Fedorczak: i remember years ago when i was married we had a watchtower study that said 14 million worshippers of jehovah came to the memorial and my wife said "thats a lie theres only 5 million jws"
jwscientist: omg
Frank Fedorczak: mormons and jws are not so bad
jwscientist: really
Frank Fedorczak: especially today
jwscientist: how did she knew?
jwscientist: that was a lie
Frank Fedorczak: a mormon ran for president
jwscientist: yes i know
Frank Fedorczak: jws go see 10000 bc movie now
jwscientist: really what is 10000 bc movie?
Frank Fedorczak: it is a new film
jwscientist: what it talks about?
jwscientist: before christ
jwscientist: ok
Frank Fedorczak: it is about the chief of a group in 10,000 BC that becomes a slave to the original inhabinants of Atlantis and he breaks free and then everybody almost dies and then adam is born in 4230 BC
jwscientist: really
Frank Fedorczak: yes
Frank Fedorczak: and jws saw it and said it was good
jwscientist: that is nto the bible storie
Frank Fedorczak: it had mammoths and sabre toothed cats
jwscientist: not
Frank Fedorczak: right it is not
jwscientist: so god lies
Frank Fedorczak: which means jws dont take the bible so literally
Frank Fedorczak: no more 7000 year creative days
jwscientist: it measn they are slowly changing
jwscientist: ok
Frank Fedorczak: yes
Frank Fedorczak: they must
jwscientist: are they watchtower people
jwscientist: or what?
jwscientist: i mean people in brooklyn
jwscientist: or normal jws
Frank Fedorczak: who
jwscientist: in congregation
jwscientist: the one that saw movie
Frank Fedorczak: oh
jwscientist: and said it is not s obad
Frank Fedorczak: rank and file jws
Frank Fedorczak: i dont know about brooklyn
jwscientist: ohh ok
Frank Fedorczak: al schroeder must be 100 years old now
jwscientist: yes, who is president
jwscientist: henschel right
jwscientist: milton
Frank Fedorczak: don adams is president of NY
Frank Fedorczak: someone else president of pennsyvania
Frank Fedorczak: not henschel
Frank Fedorczak: henschel stepped down 7 years ago
jwscientist: what happened to henschel
jwscientist: omg
jwscientist: did he die??
jwscientist: or what
Frank Fedorczak: he is stil governing body but not president
jwscientist: that is wierd
jwscientist: he did soem sin?
Frank Fedorczak: the new presidents are not anointed
jwscientist: may be
jwscientist: oh hok
jwscientist: i see
Frank Fedorczak: no it was a restructering
jwscientist: so they want get rid ot the anointed people
jwscientist: may be
Frank Fedorczak: yes phase the anointed out cause they are all old or dead
jwscientist: that 144000 number is a huge problem
Frank Fedorczak: 5 governing body members are born after 1935
jwscientist: yes and they are too many
jwscientist: now
jwscientist: ohh ok
jwscientist: if they keep going as that we have 244000 anointed lol
jwscientist: lol